Esthetica Cosmetology


Esthetica Cosmetology refers to the practice of cosmetology that focuses on the beauty, health, and maintenance of the skin, hair, and nails. It includes various non-surgical treatments such as facials, PRP, laser, peels, botox filler, and more, that help to enhance one’s appearance and promote self-confidence. Esthetica Cosmetology includes technical as well as artistic skills and is widely practiced in clinics. It is a lucrative and growing industry that requires proper training and certification to operate.

Some of the services offered may include facials, peels therapy, PRP, non surgical thread lift, botox fillers and more. Estheticians may use various tools and technologies to perform these treatments, such as lasers, and specialized machines. The goal of Esthetica Cosmetology Service is to enhance the natural beauty of clients and help them feel more confident and beautiful.