Hydra Facial

Hydrafacial- A blended solution to flawless beauty

In the present era, people love to have gloomy and hydrated skin. Therefore, they spend a lot of money on facials at parlors but do one of them ever think of Medi facials? 
Additionally, meet the Hydrafacial experts at the Esthetica Cosmetology Hydrafacial in Mohali Chandigarh. 
Here, you get affordable and beyond your expected results for the best-in-class facials that are modern science-based, and effective. The Hydrafacials include one of the finest facials and skin treatment choices. 


Hydrafacial- One-stop solution to your combined skin problems

However, this facial is considered a no-laser resurfacing of the human skin, making your face twinkling and healthy. 
Additionally, our skin professionals integrate a diverse range of therapies for this treatment, such as-

  • Dead skin removal and deep cleansing
  • Much brighter, radiant skin rejuvenation
  • Black and white head removal
  • Intensify skin tone and texture
  • Hydrates, nourishes, and antioxidizing serum treatment
  • Fine lines and wrinkle amendments

Likewise, our Hydrafacial in Mohali Chandigarh service center’s therapeutic facial suits all skin types, including normal, oily, sensitive, and aging skin. It cleans, detoxifies, exfoliates, extracts, and moisturizes the face all in one session. 
In short, you feel the difference in the first sitting. This extensive technique assists you in treating a wide range of skin problems, such as-

  • Clogged and enlarged skin pores 
  • Oily skin prone to acne and hyperpigmentation
  • Dark spots, sunburns
  • Fine lines and facial wrinkles

Also, it works effectively on nearly all skin types, including thin, aged, sensitive, dry, and oily. This innovative technique takes 30-40 minutes for skin cleansing and hydration. 
Nonetheless, beginning your HydraFacial skin care regimen early on can slow down your skin’s aging process and minimize the need for invasive surgeries. 

Does Hydrafacial cause any side effects?

Nowadays, Hydrafacial in Mohali Chandigarh services become top priority medical facial for people who wish to attain clearer, smoother, brighter, and healthier skin without downtime. If we talk about the latest vacuum technique-Hydrafacial, then it considers completely safe and hygienic. 
The dermatology professionals analyze and customize this treatment according to your skin issues, and there seem to be zero side effects. 

Be kind to your skin with Esthetica Cosmetology Hydrafacial in Mohali Chandigarh

Furthermore, each Hydrafacial process commences with three easy steps:


Uncovers a fresh layer of skin by gently peeling off old skin and thoroughly cleansing it.


Uses moderate suction to remove impurities from pores without causing pain.


Hydrates and nourishes the skin’s surface with intensive moisturizers.
Now discover the Hydrafacial shine from head to toe with our Hydrafacial in Mohali Chandigarh’s selected skin care procedures.
One monthly treatment can improve fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, greasy skin, and crammed skin. 
You can combine HydraFacials with Botox, microblading, and fillers treatments. 
Since patients shouldn’t lie down after receiving Botox, the HydraFacial should be done before injections.
Therefore, consult our dermatologists to cure all your skin problems with painless and the latest technology methods. 

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