non-surgical thread lift in mohali

non-surgical thread lift in mohali

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non-surgical thread lift in mohali

Non-Surgical Thread Lift: Discover the Innovative Approach to Instant Facelift at Esthetica Cosmetology

Aging is a natural process of life that cannot be avoided in any case. The impact of aging is often undesirable because it reduces the glow and radiance of a fresh-looking face. In the past decade, advancements in cosmetic procedures have helped middle-aged and older people to accomplish a youthful appearance without going for any type of surgery. One of the innovations is non-surgical thread lift which provides instant facelift results. At Esthetica Cosmetology, we provide expert services in rejuvenating your skin, which is the safest and most effective alternative to traditional facelift surgery, which makes us the best non-surgical thread lift in mohali.

Before proceeding further, let us understand the meaning of non-surgical thread lift

What is a non-surgical thread lift?

Non-surgical thread lift is a cosmetic procedure that comprises using dissolvable threads to tighten as well as lift the skin. Compared to traditional facelift surgery, which involves incisions along with the removal of excess skin, non-surgical thread lift comprises minimally invasive and no cut. The threads utilized in this process are made up of bio-compatible material which can be absorbed by the body with the passage of time resulting in no visible scars.

How non-surgical thread lift works?

In the non-surgical thread lift, the threads are inserted into the skin with the help of fine needles. Once the threads are in place, they are gently pulled to tighten and lift the skin. The threads have very fine barbs or cones, which can grip the skin to provide an immediate lifting effect. With the passage of time, the threads help in collagen production, which improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Why you should go for a non-surgical thread lift?

Immediate results: clients can observe instant improvement and radiance on their skin.

Long-lasting effects: the threads used are easily absorbed by the body, resulting in the production of collagen with the help of threads that can last for several months, producing long-lasting results.

Natural-looking results: the threads utilized in this treatment are generally not visible providing a natural appearance.

Minimal downtime: compared to traditional facelift surgery, which requires a few weeks to recover, in non-surgical thread lift the clients can proceed with their routine tasks in a few days.

Who are the ideal candidates for non-surgical thread lift?

The ideal candidates for this treatment are individuals who have mild or moderate sagging of the skin and desire immediate improvement. The best candidates can be the people who have experienced wrinkles on their forehead, sagging of the mid and lower face, loose skin on the neck, and dropping of the eyebrows.

What areas can be treated with non-surgical thread lifting?

  • ·         Forehead
  • ·         Neck
  • ·         Folds around mouth
  • ·         Droopy smile
  • ·         Upper and lower cheeks

Recovery and aftercare

The clients can experience mild to moderate swelling or bruising on the treated areas after the procedure. However, these after-effects are temporary and generally get resolved in a few days. The clients are advised not to undergo heavy physical activities and to keep their heads elevated while sleeping to avoid any type of swelling. The majority of clients can proceed with their routine tasks in few days after the procedure.

Why Esthetica Cosmetology is the best Non-Surgical Thread Liftin in Mohali?

Esthetica Cosmetology is the best clinic for non-surgical thread lift in mohali. The clinic is owned and directed by Prof. Dr. Sharad Arya and Dr. Deepshikha, who have more than 20 years of experience in the segment. The entire team at Esthetica Cosmetology have handled more than 20,000 cases.

Here, we have world class technology and among the first in the region. The types of non-surgical thread lifting services provided by our clinic are Eyebrow thread lift, Nose thread lift, and Neck thread lift. 

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