A complete head-to-toe-care- PRP treatment in Chandigarh

These days, people race to earn livelihoods and make their schedules very much busy. As a result, hair loss, skin problems, allergies, etc., are common problems. 

Likewise, modern technologies proliferate; solutions for these problems are available as surgical, non-surgical, injections, and more. If you face such an issue, PRP treatment in Chandigarh at Esthetica Cosmetology serves you better treatments.


What do you know about PRP and its treatment?

Firstly, before exploring PRP treatment, understanding the full form of PRP looks compulsory. Generally, PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and includes a non-surgical concept. 

Additionally, it includes a triple-step process and primarily comes in use for sports injuries, skin issues, and hair loss problems. Dermatologists first extract, process, and inject that platelet plasma into the human scalp. 

This process needs complete concentration because doctors draw blood from the patient’s body and inject separated plasma into the scalp. 

If you want such services, PRP treatment in Chandigarh offers wise opportunities and budget. 

However, PRP contains several growth factors necessary for hair growth, such as Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF) and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor. 

Likewise, the main goal of employing PRP in hair restoration includes activating dormant or recently transplanted hair follicles into an active growth phase (VEGF).

Additionally, it is proven that PRP stimulates healthy blood flow in the hair follicle, which in turn causes natural hair growth. 

Similarly, it improves the hair’s density and thickness and reduces hair loss. This occasionally uses among other hair treatments and transplant procedures to strengthen the inserted hair.

How does PRP stimulate hair growth and rejuvenate skin?

Most people get aware of the PRP procedure for healing damaged muscles. Likewise, it treats muscular injuries in athletics. Moreover, using a microneedle, the PRP procedure considers comparable to skin and hair treatment. This technique, also known as Mesotherapy, uses micro needling. Additionally, this method provides a speedy outcome by promoting the tissues’ intrinsic ability to mend themselves.
PRP therapy is available to those who want to enhance their skin’s color and texture or replace lost facial volume. Generally, Platelet Rich Plasma treatment nurses to hair to stimulate growth. Most importantly, certified dermatologists test your skin, hair, and scalp before starting this treatment.

End up your skin & hair care search with Esthetica Cosmetology

Generally, the modern lifestyle is so occupied, and people feel stressed, tired, and lack time to care for their skin, hair, and overall health. 
Therefore, dermatologists assist you with natural hair growth and skin rejuvenating treatments. Likewise, PRP treatment in Chandigarh by Esthetica Cosmetology provides treatments that sustain natural hair growth and skin beauty. 
Their price range involves pocket-friendly budgets and quality services with perfect results and guidance. You can also opt for other choices as per your requirements.