laser hair removal in chandigarh

laser hair removal in chandigarh

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The do’s and don’ts of preparing for your laser hair removal treatment

Hairless skin has been the most stylish way to flaunt your skin in the current era. You must have observed girls or women hiding their faces due to hair growth. The hair removal practices followed today are faster and more convenient compared to those followed a decade or two ago. The primary objective of the year removal treatment is to get a smooth and attractive face, arms, or legs.

Unwanted hair on the body has proved to be a regular hassle. Due to this people have been looking for permanent laser hair removal treatment. If you are about to get the laser hair removal treatment for the first time, here are a few of the dos and don’ts to be followed. Although you will be guided by your cosmetologist during the consultation, it is always better to prepare on your own. We will also discuss the clinic offering best laser hair removal in Chandigarh.

Prevent Sun Exposure

Direct sun exposure on the skin area to be treated can increase the risk of complications during and after the treatment. The heightened sensitivity of the sunburned or tanned skin. Sun exposure increases melanin in the skin which results in discomfort or burns due to more absorption of the laser energy.

It is better to abstain from prolonged Sun exposure for around 15 days before your scheduled session. You can also apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with high SPF or cover the skin with a cloth to avoid contact with harmful UV rays.

Keep yourself hydrated and moisturized

Perfectly hydrated and moisturized skin reduces the risk of irritation after the laser hair removal treatment. Make sure you drink plenty of water a few days before the treatment. Also, maintain the external hydration of the skin by applying fragrance-free moisturizer. Nourishing the outermost layer of skin acts as a protective barrier to prevent temporary redness or sensitivity after the treatment.

Avoid plucking or waxing

Do not pluck or wax the hair out from the root. Plucking or waxing prior to the treatment can prevent the laser device from targeting the hair pigment. Laser treatment targets the follicle which might get removed if you pluck or wax the hair. You should avoid plucking or waxing at least 2 weeks before the laser treatment.

Do not use self-tanning product

Self-tanning products, like creams or lotions, can interrupt the effectiveness of the treatment. Moreover, these products darken the skin, making it difficult for the laser light to identify the difference between skin and hair. This can result in skin irritation or uneven results.

Clean your skin prior to the treatment

When you are about to head towards your cosmetologist or salon, just ensure that your treatment area is completely clean. This means you should not apply any lotion or perfumes. These products have chemicals or ingredients that can result in skin sensitivity after the treatment. The results can be less effective if the skin is not completely clean because the laser can work effectively on clean skin only.

Use protective glasses

You will be given protective glasses which you will wear during the treatment to prevent light get inside your eyes. The laser light can damage the retina without protective eyewear.

Avoid rushing after your session

Your skin can become slightly sensitive after the laser hair removal session. You should avoid doing heavy physical activities and hot baths for a minimum of 2 hours, in order to recover on its own. You must be careful while applying sunscreen to protect the skin from the sun’s rays.

You can apply your eyes if the swelling persists. Wrap the ice in a clean cloth and then apply it to the affected area. Your cosmetologist might recommend having paracetamol to get relief from discomfort.

Do not use perfume products or bleaching creams for at least a day or two after the treatment. Avoid peels and exfoliation for at least one week.

Also, do not wear tight clothes for 2 to 3 days after the treatment. If you observe any science of infection, fever, or tenderness, immediately consult your cosmetologist.

Esthetica Cosmetology- Best Laser hair removal in Chandigarh

By now, you are aware of almost every preventive measure for laser hair removal treatment. If you have made up your mind to proceed with the treatment, then you can get the best laser hair removal in Chandigarh at Esthetica Cosmetology.

Esthetica Cosmetology is headed by Prof. Dr. Sharad Arya and Dr. Deepshikha. They have experience of more than 10 years in the cosmetology segment.

The team of certified doctors and cosmetic surgeons carefully assesses the skin during consultation. You will get to know if the treatment is the suitable option based on your skin type.

Esthetica Cosmetology is equipped with latest technology which can fulfil all of your unwanted hair removal needs.

Stop searching for laser hair removal in Chandigarh or Hair laser treatment in Chandigarh because your city has Esthetic Cosmetology.


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